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An MGC modular granny flat has incredible flexibility in the way it can be used either by itself or with other modules, to create almost any building type, size or shape.

We believe that modular architecture should not be determined by a prescribed module size but rather a methodology and construction system that can respond to create any desired design outcome.

The process of creating our prefabricated granny flats is highly planned and design-led, but flexible in the outcome. We create a unique modular design for you that is site-specific and reflects your project requirements and budget. Our combination of modularisation and prefabricated systems, as well as our experience, allows us to produce innovative, flexible living spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

We have a strong reputation for delivering modular projects which are innovative and sustainable while emphasising quality.

Modular group of companies is a highly specialised designer and builder of beautiful and sustainable modular multi-residential projects. We use innovative modular design and manufacturing systems to create flexible building solutions for residential development projects nationwide.

With extensive experience in delivering modular office buildings for a wide range of commercial applications, MGC can create customised facilities and modular office solutions to suit any function and need.

To determine whether a modular building solution is the best fit for your next project please feel free to contact us.

14.5 x 9
Park Home

Total Size: 99 SQM



12 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 38 SQM



7 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 22 SQM



6 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 19 SQM



Granny Flats Perth

Granny flats are becoming more popular, even among younger crowds. They're versatile, compact, affordable and a comfortable choice for all generations.

In Australia, many homeowners are looking into portable granny flats to make their property an ideal living space for the entire family.
Other than housing relatives, a granny flat makes a beautiful home office or a private teen getaway. Either way you look at it, adding this modular home to your property is a wise decision.

Let's face it, as a homeowner you're probably always looking for more ways to make use of your backyard. A granny flat not only provides additional accommodation,
but it can also potentially add value to your home. If you're looking for the best granny flats Perth has to offer,
Modular Group has a wide range of transportable granny flats that are perfect for your backyard. Contact our Perth design team today to learn more about our WA granny flats.

The Benefits of Building Granny Flats
Granny flats are, without a doubt, a unique approach to expanding your home. But what exactly are the benefits of building one? Here are the main advantages of building a granny flat in your backyard:

They Are Relocatable
The great thing about granny flats is that you don't have to commit to one location. If you ever plan on moving away from the South West, you can be sure that you'll be able to take your flat with you. Make sure to reach out to a granny flat specialist before your move to ensure your investment is protected.

They Are Cost-Effective
Building a granny flat in your long-term home can turn out to be a lucrative investment. If none of your family is living in the flat, you can rent it out. This rental income can help pay your mortgage and lower your expenses. If you only have one property, constructing and renting your flat out can diversify your income to protect you from vacancy periods. Our WA granny flats also add value to your home since they can be considered an extra bedroom unit. A unit like this is attractive to potential buyers with teenagers or older relatives.

They Are Wheelchair Friendly
If someone in your family is needs accessible accommodations, granny flats can easily be designed to be wheelchair friendly. The interior design will be more comfortable to maneuver around for those with mobile disabilities. Our design consultants are well aware of all the building regulations for building a special needs granny flat in the Perth metro area. Reach out to a granny flat specialist if you or a loved one needs a custom granny flat to suit their disability.

Call us today - our phone number is 0428 834 470.

They Are Quick to Build
Granny flats are not only an added benefit to your property, but they're also quick to build. If you're working with the right contractor, a typical granny flat should be finished in around 8-12 weeks. That said, the project duration can vary depending on the terrain and design, but it's still a non-intrusive way to expand your home quickly.

Granny Flats Offer A Versatile and Affordable Living Choice
Who doesn't want some extra space? As families grow, so does the demand for additional living space. The kids grow up and want more privacy. Our beloved elders need extra care and want to be as close to your home as possible. Perhaps you want to have your own home office or art studio. Whatever your needs may be, a granny flat is undoubtedly a suitable option for you and your family.

There are a variety of granny flat designs from which to choose. You can design yours to be more of a homey feel, or you can go down the clubhouse route. The choice is yours. If you have a big enough area, you can even construct a 2 bedroom flat to be the perfect guesthouse.

Granny Flats FAQs

We get many questions about granny flats in the Perth metro/Western Australia. Here are a few common queries:

How many granny flats can I have on my property?
Before planning to build granny flats on your property, it's essential to understand the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Your structure plans need to be approved for all of the safety, health, amenity and sustainability requirements of the BCA. According to the State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP), homeowners in Perth may only construct one granny flat on their property.

How much does it cost to build a granny flat?
A granny flat is the perfect middle ground for expanding your home in Perth. Though they aren't cheap to build, they're far less expensive than adding on to your structure. You can also consider your flat as a lucrative asset if you choose to rent it out. The price of the construction will vary depending on location, size and design. To get an exact quote on building a granny flat in Western Australia, contact our team for a free quote.

Why is it called a granny flat?
The name was coined because the original concept was designed to house aging relatives like grandmothers. However, these buildings are now popular for all ages. Granny flats have become iconic in the tiny home living and minimalist communities.

What is the difference between a granny flat and a house?
One vital difference between a granny flat and a house is that they are usually transportable. Portable, or demountable granny flats, are the most common designs found in Australia. Another difference is location. Houses tend to be placed on the front end of the property instead of the backyard.

How much space do you need for a granny flat?
The minimum space required in Australia is 450 sqm.

Perth's Leading Granny Flat Design Consultant
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After you choose a design, our site supervisor will disclose all the details of the project from start to finish. Our team in Perth moves quickly, and all of our services are upfront. You will see no hidden fees or additional charges.

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