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If you have an active job site, then chances are you are going to need a bathroom and shower area at some point. Otherwise, looking out for employee hygiene will be difficult.

Transportable Ablutions are a great way to easily install bathroom and shower units on a construction site or temporary work area.

We have the most reliable portable ablutions Perth has to offer.

Our team takes care of the design, delivery and installation, so you do not need to do a thing.

You can look through our catalogue of designs to find the one most suitable for your business. We have women’s, men’s and unisex ablutions.

Each is made from the finest materials in Australia and will keep your staff safe and healthy on the job. Call our Western Australia office to learn more about our portable ablutions in Perth.

What Is A Portable Ablution Block?

A portable ablution block is by far the quickest solution for getting more bathrooms on your worksite.

An ablution block is a demountable structure that typically carries toilets and showers. These are best used for construction sites, real estate offices, mining quarries and events.

Our Perth ablution blocks come in a range of different shapes and sizes. You can have them equipped with toilets, urinals, sinks and showers.

For flushing, you can either install a holding tank or a push-button system. We recommend a push-button system since they save water and are easier to fit in tight spaces.

If you’re not sure which ablution block design is right for your site, contact our team today to book a consultation.

Why Install A Portable Ablution Block?

As a business, safety and sanitation for your staff should be one of your priorities.

Not only that, but it is also required by law that a worksite offers some form of bathroom or washroom for employees. Having additional space for employee hygiene is essential.

14.5 x 9
Park Home

Total Size: 99 SQM



12 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 38 SQM



7 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 22 SQM



6 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 19 SQM



Here are the benefits of installing an ablution block:

● Easy and quick to install
● Require little maintain
● Provide your staff with a safe and clean washing area
● Customisable to meet your needs
● Very portable

Ablution Block Accessories

Modifying your ablution block is easy. There is a wide selection of accessories you can add to your portable ablution blocks.

Here is a list of the most popular ablution block accessories we provide to our Perth clients:

● Whirlybirds to keep the block cool
● Air vents to circulate air
● Toilets, showers and basins for washing
● Wall mounts for hanging clothes or towels
● Mirrors
● Paper towels/soap dispensers
● Vinyl flooring

Adding these accessories makes your ablution block more comfortable for your team. All of the accessories above are easy to install to almost all of our ablution block designs. Call one of our Perth design consultants today to learn more about our ablution block accessories in the South West.

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