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Portable Offices Perth

If you’re looking for a custom portable office in Perth, Modular Group provides high-quality, built to last portables suitable for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to set up a portable office in the centre of Perth or need additional storage on the outskirts, our team has what you need.

If you’re looking for the best portable offices Perth has to offer, contact our team today.

It’s essential to have a comfortable, hardwearing office set up on a construction site.

This way, you can focus on your project without having to worry about being exposed to the harsh environment outside.

Our transportable and portable offices are easy to install and can be used flexibly. You can use the space as an office, meeting room, lunchroom, or storage unit.

Our team is on standby, ready to answer any of your questions about our transportable and portable offices in Perth.

The Benefits of Demountable Offices and Temporary Buildings

You will receive many benefits of having a demountable office at your worksite. Here are a few to consider:

Less Site Impact

Having a demountable office will not interfere with your worksite. If you have a temporary project, constructing a longstanding office will be a waste of time and resources.

Plus, you will not be able to move your office given the need for relocation.

Demountable offices are by far the best solution to have a suitable working space on your site without leaving any lasting impact.

Quick to Build

With the right contractor, you can have a demountable office built in no time. The average time, excluding areas with tough terrain, is around 8-15 weeks.

The duration will vary depending on the land, location, size and contractor.

We understand your time is valuable, so our team of expert engineers will ensure that your portable office will be built as quickly as possible.

Quick to Take Down

Being able to disassemble a portable office quickly is crucial.

If there’s a change to the worksite or you’re developing in a new location, you should be able to take your office with you.

Our portables are easy and quick to take down so you can be sure you will not lose any time or resource if the need to relocate arises.

Protection from The Weather/Reduced Weather Delays

Portable offices are deemed safe in most weather conditions. They are built to withstand powerful winds, rain and hail.

On top of that, construction sites tend to come with their own set of safety hazards.

Our modular offices are designed to keep you and your team safe on the worksite at all times.

Choosing the Right Style

You need to know the different types of portable offices and their possibilities to determine which one best suit your business needs.

We strive to provide the most extensive range of portable offices Perth has to offer by including designs of different shapes and sizes.

With us, finding a build that is both personable and sufficient is simple.

14.5 x 9
Park Home

Total Size: 99 SQM



12 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 38 SQM



7 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 22 SQM



6 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 19 SQM



All our designs are unique and come with a wide range of features. If you’re looking for something small, we have compact sized portable offices on demand.

If you want an office with more space, we can design and build a structure suitable for your entire team.

Right now, you can get in touch with one of our specialists to get full details on our designs.

How We Transport Our Portables

You’ll get your new portable office delivered directly to your worksite. Our team handles the delivery, installation and clean up so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Once the time for relocation comes, our team will disassemble, transport and set up your portable at your new location.

If you need your portable office transported, reach out to our Perth office today to get a free estimate.

How We Install Our Portables

After taking an interest and consulting our team, a site supervisor will visit your site to take measurements and determine if the terrain is safe for a portable office.

We have worked with a variety of different locations, so our team can conduct the examination process quickly.

The next step is to finalise the design and begin construction.

If this is your first time constructing a portable office, make sure to give our team full disclosure of the purpose of your temporary building.

Your input will help us provide you with the best option.

High-Quality Portable Offices Perth

Do you think a portable office is right for your business? We have experience designing, building and delivering top-notch portable offices all across Western Australia.

Our structures are built to last and are made from only the best materials.

Contact our team today to tell us more about your project and see how you can benefit from a portable office.