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You can have a demountable home installed quicker than you may think. With the right contractor, your new home can come equipped with all the amenities you need.

These perks include a large kitchen, home office, gym, saunas and even a home theatre.

Demountable homes are a great way to set yourself up in rural areas without spending a fortune on building a regular structure.

Modular Group has the most dependable transportable homes Perth has to offer. Our designs are modern, and our homes are made from only the best materials in Western Australia.

If you’re looking to transition into modular living, look no further than Modular Group. Contact our team today to get a free estimate for transportable homes in Perth.

What Is A Transportable Home?

Transportable homes are pre-built structures that are delivered to a property. These differ from conventional houses that workers build on-site.

A transportable home, as the name suggests, is shipped to the new living area. Transportable homes are becoming increasingly popular in Australia because they’re versatile and cost-effective.

In the past, homeowners did not see transportable homes as a luxury option.

But now with advances in technology, you can have a modern portable home that carries the same benefits as conventional living.

There are two different types of transportable homes:

1. A transportable home that is delivered to a site and is permanent after installation

2. A transportable home that can be relocated after installation

Modular Group has one of the largest selections of transportable homes Perth and Western Australia has in stock.

Make sure to contact one of our design consultants if you’re looking to learn more about installing a transportable home.

Our staff will be able to recommend a design that suits your needs best.

14.5 x 9
Park Home

Total Size: 99 SQM



12 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 38 SQM



7 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 22 SQM



6 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 19 SQM



Professional Construction

All of our engineers have years of experience in crafting and building the best transportable homes in Western Australia.

All of our builds meet government standards, and we execute each project in a reasonable amount of time.

We use only the finest materials in the region, and all of our designs are 100% customisable.

Our projects have a much lower build cost than a traditional house, which means your dream house might be closer to your budget than you think.

Whether you are in the Outback or right in the middle of Perth, our team can deliver your new demountable home anywhere in Western Australia.

Are you still not sure which home style is right for you? You can search through our gallery of designs to find the perfect match.

Exceptionally Crafted Transportable Homes

Our team of exceptional engineers crafts all of our homes. It all starts with your vision.

After Modular Group conducts the initial consultation, we will be able to design, build and deliver your brand-new transportable home directly to the site.

We don’t believe in only offering cookie-cutter homes. You have full control over customising your design, and we will do our best to craft a home that matches your goals.

Here’s what you can customise with us:

● The Bathrooms - You get to choose the tiles, mirrors, walls and other bathroom amenities
● The Kitchen - Are you dreaming of a large open gourmet kitchen? Our team has got you covered. You will have full control over the design and layout of the kitchen
● The Interior - Have a specific carpet in mind? Or maybe you have a certain colour pattern you’ve always wanted. Modular Group will fulfil all your interior design requests
● The Exterior - Exterior designs are what make the home special from the curb. You can choose the roofing, deck, windows and more

Prefabricated Construction in Our Purpose-Built Factory

The idea of prefabricated homes is not that new, but the industry has been booming over the last decade.

That’s because companies like ours can craft and build beautiful homes directly in our factory. The homes are then easily transported anywhere in Western Australia,

giving our clients the most convenient transportable home service in the region.

All of the designing, engineering and building happens in the factory. After a client chooses a design, our engineers get to work to map out the construction process.

We typically build our modular homes in sections, which allows us to ensure each part of the home receives proper attention.

The Modular Group factory is a highly-controlled environment that is thoroughly inspected and adheres to industry standards.

After our site manager has examined your property, we have the foundation set up in a matter of weeks. Then, your new home is delivered and installed on the spot.

If you want a more thorough walk-through of our factory, call us today at: 0428 834 470 to speak to a design consultant.

Why Choose A Transportable Home?

There are many advantages to choosing a transportable home. As technology advances, the quality of structures is improving, which allows for more modern and comfortable living.

Here are the key benefits of choosing a transportable home as your new living area:

● Cost-Effective Living - It’s no secret that transportable homes are more affordable than conventional houses. This is due to the materials and construction method.
● Since transportable homes are built in a factory, it reduces transportation and labour costs.
● Little Upkeep - Since transportable homes are portable, they can end up in a variety of climates. The materials are built to withstand harsh environments and are made to move.
● If you do ever need repairs, replacement parts are easy to install.
● Versatile Housing - One of the most significant advantages of having a transportable home is being able to relocate your home if you choose to move.
● Our team can help you with the relocation process.
● Eco-friendly – Installing a transportable home cause less impact than building a permanent house, making them a more environmentally friendly housing option.
● Quick to Build - With the right contractor, you can have a transportable home ready in a matter of weeks. On average, a modular home takes between 8-20 weeks to be move-in ready

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