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Are you looking for a contemporary transportable accommodation for your home or business?

A Donga is a perfect versatile option to house you or your team temporarily. Modular Group can set you up with one in the centre of the city, or even on the outskirts.

We pride ourselves on providing the finest Dongas Perth has to offer.

Each uses the highest-grade materials to ensure it is safe, dependable and built to last.

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We take pride in our services, and we will not settle for substandard results. Our engineers are quick, sharp and always deliver on time. From design, construction, and delivery, Modular Group is there with you every step of the way.

When it’s time to relocate, our team will help disassemble your Perth Donga and have it ready to be moved to wherever your next destination may be.

What Is A Donga?

In short, a Donga is a portable office or housing unit. These buildings are extremely useful for construction sites, mining quarries and real estate offices.

What makes them so popular is that they are durable and can last in hard weather conditions.

14.5 x 9
Park Home

Total Size: 99 SQM



12 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 38 SQM



7 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 22 SQM



6 x 3.2 Granny Flat

Total Size: 19 SQM



In many cases, building a Donga is a much better choice than constructing a permanent office. They are cost-effective, compact, easy to install and just as easy to take down.

Depending on the contractor, building a Donga takes anywhere from 8-20 weeks. Our Western Australia engineers have extensive experience in designing and constructing Dongas in Perth.

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Why Build A Donga?

As mentioned above, a Donga is a cost-effective, versatile structure that’s suitable for busy workplaces, especially construction sites.

Plus, you can have a custom design that’s perfect for you and your team. The building can be used as a temporary office, lunchroom, storage unit, or even as accommodation for your staff.

Having one of these units on site is a great way to keep your staff happy. When working all day outside, it is a treat to have a clean, air-conditioned office nearby. Our Donga designs are personalised and built for longevity.

Our South West team is ready to answer any of your questions about our Dongas, so call today to learn more about our designs and installation process.

Where Did the Term Donga Come From?

There’s no doubt that when you ask a group of one hundred Australians what a Donga is, you’re bound to get fifty different answers. That’s because the word Donga has a wide range of meanings.

The primary meaning is a temporary building or office structure that is typically found on a worksite. Today though, Donga is an official slang among Australians.

The word surprisingly has no official origin. Linguists believe that the term is a derivative of the Zulu language, and the term got twisted after entering South Africa.

Though this is only a theory, it’s strongly suggested it comes from a mixture of Australian English and Afrikaans.

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